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Holistic Veterinary Care in Egg Harbor Township

At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, no two of our patients are alike. So, why should their care be? With our Holistic Veterinary Care services, we treat your pet's health as one interconnected system, considering their health and well-being as one big picture.

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Holistic Pet Health

At Newkirk Family Veterinarians we are proud to be able to offer holistic veterinary services in addition to—and often in tandem with—traditional veterinary treatments. 

At our Egg Harbor Township veterinary hospital, we take each aspect of your pet's health into account when diagnosing and treating their medical conditions rather than a series of separate and individual puzzles. This is the core of holistic veterinary medicine.

To this end, our vets believe in using the treatment (or multiple treatments) that works and our holistic veterinary practice will usually include a number of different things when treating your pet.

Holistic Veterinarian in Egg Harbor Township

What to Expect From Holistic Care

The holistic veterinary treatment process entirely depends on the pet being treated. When asses your pet for holistic treatment, our Egg Harbor Township vets take their overall health, preexisting conditions, age, breed and other factors into account.

Our Holistic Procedures

At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, our vets are able to perform a wide range of holistic veterinary treatments and therapies in order to address diseases, conditions and physical traumas in your pet. 

Our Egg Harbor Township veterinarians routinely perform the following holistic services for pets, both on their own and in combination with traditional veterinary treatments: 

  • Electrosurgery

    Electrosurgery at Newkirk Family Veterinarians is a procedure that passes an electrical current through a pet's body to dissect, cut, remove or coagulate blood and tissues. 

    This procedure can be used to remove growths and expedite other regular or complex surgical procedures.

  • Herbal Medicine

    Just like many plants and herbs offer medicinal benefits to people (such as the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic or ginger), there is also a wide variety of plants with medicinal benefits for animals. Our vets can use these herbs for their medicinal benefits when treating your companion.

  • Homeopathy

    The underlying basis of veterinary homeopathic medicine is that "like cures like." In simpler terms, some substances that can be toxic in large quantities can, in much lower doses, cure the same set of symptoms.

    By carefully monitoring our patients and their responses to treatments, our vets may be able to avoid more invasive procedures using homeopathic treatments. 

  • Holistic Diets

    What you feed your pet is critical to their overall health and well-being. Their food is the foundation of their health!

    At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we can work with you to design a diet, whether that be processed and prescribed food or a partially or even entirely unprocessed and home-cooked diet.

  • Chronic Illness and Arthritis Control

    There is a wide array of holistic treatments for arthritis and other painful chronic illnesses in pets ranging from prescribed exercises, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to natural supplements.

    Our Egg Harbor Township vets have a special interest in combatting your pet's chronic illness with holistic medicine to ease their healing process. 

  • Alternative Cancer Therapies

    While traditional oncological treatments are successful in treating cancer, we offer alternative options to traditional treatments that may be suited to older or immunocompromised pets. 

  • Cryosurgery

    This specialized treatment uses an incredibly cold substance (usually liquid nitrogen or argon gas) to destroy problematic tissues like cancer cells and small tumors. 

    At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we are able to use this local treatment to help address cancer or issues affecting your pet's skin. 

  • Nutraceutical Treatments

    Veterinary nutraceuticals, otherwise known as dietary supplements, are often recommended by our Egg Harbor Township vets as a means of encouraging their health or well-being by addressing specific nutritional deficiencies in your pet's diet, whether that be probiotics, vitamins or minerals. 

  • Non-Surgical Spinal Disease Treatments

    While you may often be recommended surgical intervention when your pet is diagnosed with a spinal disease, that is not the only treatment option. 

    At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we are proud to be able to offer alternative treatments that show encouraging results when applied to diseases like IVDD. 

  • Alternative Chiropractics

    Chiropractic is the medical practice of treating conditions affecting the body through the manipulation of the spine.

    Our Egg Harbor Township vets are able to use veterinary chiropractic practices to help treat degenerative joint diseases, chronic pain, nervous system disorders and more. 

  • Metabolic Nutritional Analysis and Balancing

    At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, our vets are able to conduct an exacting analysis of your pet's dietary restrictions and needs based on a number of indicators of their metabolic health. 

    We can balance dietary prescriptions and nutritional recommendations to the results of these tests in order to help your pet feel their absolute best.

  • Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Therapy (NAET)

    This technique, adapted for veterinary medicine from Dr. Devi Nambudipad, has been used by Dr. Newkirk for over 20 years. 

    It relies on finding points where your pet's nerve conduction is weak and then applying acupressure with our vet's fingers to alleviate allergy symptoms. 

  • Activated Oxygen Therapy

    Activated oxygen is oxygen that, at a molecular level, transforms from oxygen to ozone. The change from one to another allows it to negatively affect abnormal or diseased cells while healthy ones are able to just receive extra oxygen.

    This treatment can be used to treat degenerative illnesses, serious infections, inflammation, arthritis and more.

The Holistic Veterinary Treatment Process

The goal with holistic treatment is always to identify the root of the issue and treat it in the most effective and least invasive way possible.

However, every holistic veterinary treatment plan has a few different things in common. Holistic treatment techniques are usually minimally invasive and gentle.  They are also often done in tandem with traditional drug-based and surgical treatments.

Treatment also isn't finished until the underlying patterns of your pet's illness have been redirected. That is, until your pet has been set up for success in avoiding the health issue in the future too. 

Our Holistic Commitment

As is common in veterinary treatments of all kinds, our veterinary team is committed to using whatever treatment works.

This can sometimes mean using holistic veterinary treatments and therapies, but just as often means relying on traditional veterinary practices. 

Not all traditional treatments work for all pets and neither do all holistic treatments. Part of our commitment to providing the treatment that works, is to spend time monitoring, analyzing and properly diagnosing your pet so that we are able to correctly identify the right treatment for them—regardless of what that may be.

Always Welcoming New Patients

At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we always accept new patients into our veterinary family. Our veterinarians are passionate about the health and well-being of Egg Harbor Township pets. Contact us today to book your pet's first appointment. 

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