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Pet Bathing & Grooming

At Newkirk Family Veterinarians in Egg Harbor Township, we provide bathing and professional pet grooming services for all dogs and cats, helping your furry companion look and feel their best.

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Professional Cats & Dogs Grooming Services

Having your cat or dog professionally groomed helps keep your pet looking and feeling healthy and clean. This could also help save you valuable energy and time.

From haircuts to help your furry companion withstand the summer heat, to flea control treatments, nail trimming and shampoos our bathing and cat & dog grooming services come with everything your pet requires to stay healthy, clean, and looking great!

Cat & Dog Grooming & Bathing

Putting Your Pet's Best Paw Forward

We have the resources and training available to offer professional grooming services for both cats and dogs. Our professional vets trained in pet grooming have the knowledge and training needed to groom pets of all tempraments and coat types.

Cat & Dog Grooming FAQs

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding cat and dog grooming at Newkirk Family Veterinarians.

  • What do grooming services include?

    Depending on the needs of your pet, we can provide a combination of the following services during a pet grooming session in Egg Harbor Township:

    • Full haircuts
    • Brushing & de-matting
    • Bathing: shampoo & conditioning
    • De-shedding treatments
    • Breed-specific haircuts
    • Nail trimming & grinding
    • Teeth brushing
    • Ear cleaning
  • Why should I have my pet professionally groomed?

    While you may choose to take on the responsibility and time commitment of grooming your pet yourself, there are a few good reasons to have the job done by a professional groomer:

    They have the right tools.

    Professional groomers are equipped with a variety of grooming equipment and tools such as various clippers, specialty skin products, adjustable grooming tables, and bathtubs specifically designed for cats and dogs. They also have a selection of specialty shampoos on hand for pets that have allergies, skin irritations, fleas and ticks, and even for pets that have been sprayed by skunks.

    They have plenty of experience handling dogs and cats.

    Pet groomers know exactly what they have to do to keep your cat or dog safe throughout a grooming session. They are trained in handling pets with behavioral issues, seniors, anxious animals, and more.

    They take care of the unsavory tasks.

    It doesn't matter how much love we have for our pets, when it comes to grooming and cleaning them, there are a handful of tasks that aren't too enjoyable. From shampooing skunked or muddy dogs to getting rid of fleas and ticks and cleaning anal glands, a professional groomer will get the undesirable stuff completed without causing a fuss – so you can keep your hands clean.

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  • How often should I have my pet groomed?

    How often you have to bring your cat or dog in for a grooming session will be based on the needs of your pet such as their hair length, breed, and coat type. Although, in the majority of situations, pets require regular grooming about once a month.

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  • How long does a grooming session take?

    The length of your pet's grooming session will depend on the size of your pet, their coat type, and hair length. It will also be based on the services your cat or dog requires. However, most of the grooming sessions we do at our pet hospital take approximately one to two hours.

  • How much does grooming cost?

    The cost of your cat or dog's grooming will vary based on their breed, size, the type of coat they have, and whether or not they have any significant behavioral problems. Feel free to contact us for a cost estimate.

  • What are the health benefits of professional grooming?

    Grooming is essential in keeping your pet healthy and clean. This job can remove fur that has become stuck during shedding, as well as removes fleas, ticks, and mats. Grooming can also help halt or prevent other health problems.

    Because mats can create knots in your cat or dog's fur, grooming can help ease pain and discomfort.  Having your pet brushed well can also make their coat shine. Their nails will be clipped to prevent curling and the intrusion of germs.

    Finding skin infections or other problems early is an important part of your pet's health and your pet groomer knows what to look for. They are able to detect any inflammations, new lumps, infections, rashes, or lesions that could be easily missed by even the most careful owner. They can also find underlying health problems, and the sooner these conditions are spotted, the sooner treatment can begin.

  • How do your groomers handle fearful or aggressive pets?

    Our groomers have lots of experience handling stressed, anxious, or aggravated cats and dogs. If your pet is particularly fearful or aggressive, your groomer might recommend sedation for the grooming session. However, in most situations our groomer can manage your pet by following these steps:

    • A quiet, peaceful environment

    • Offering treats

    • Frequent breaks

    • Opening a window or playing music

    • Asking a dog to do something it knows (like 'sit' or 'shake')

Bathing Services

At our animal clinic, we are able to offer pet bathing services, which consists of shampooing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland extraction and, blow-drying and brushing.

We also use specific products that can help keep your cat or dog smelling good for up to 2 weeks!

Benefits of Bathing

There are a handful of sanitary and dermatological benefits to having your cat or dog professionally bathed including:

  • Removing dirt & odor for cleaner skin and coat
  • Softens and conditions your pet's coat
  • Reduces shedding
  • Helps treat and reduce symptoms of any allergies & skin conditions
  • Helps us monitor your pet's health

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At Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we always accept new patients into our veterinary family. Our veterinarians are passionate about the health and well-being of Egg Harbor Township pets. Contact us today to book your pet's first appointment. 

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